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Recent News now has improved iOS 9 support and reader view

We're happy to say that Apple yesterday published the latest version of Recent News with improved support for iOS 9.
The biggest change is using Safari View Controller by default for reading news articles. This will be activated only if your device is running iOS 9, of coursedevices running an older version of the operating system will continue to use a webview by default.
(If you're using iOS 9 and would like to continue using an in-app webview to read articles, go to the Settings menu and unselect "Enable reader view".)
We're not enabling by default a Safari View Controller feature called "entersReaderIfAvailable." That feature automatically conceals ads on sites with reader view available. So ads will be visible unless you tap the reader view button.
But in response to user requests, we are giving you a way to experiment with "entersReaderIfAvailable." There's a hidden feature in yesterday's release of Recent News that will let you enter reader view by defaultassuming, of course, that reader view is available for that site.
To activate that hidden feature from the Recent News home screen, tap on the search icon and then type: ///reader 
Once you do that you should see an alert saying "Readability mode enabled," as in the screenshot immediately below. If it doesn't work, make sure you've updated Recent News to the latest version, currently 1.2.
Our intent in developing Recent News simultaneously for iOS and Android is to maintain a reasonable degree of feature parity on both platforms. Unfortunately Google has not yet made a reader view available for Chrome on Android.
It is possible to download Chrome Dev separately. Then, from chrome://flags, configure "Reader Mode triggering." That works, but it's clunky and not available in the standard version of Chrome (at least not yet).
As we wrote in our October 2 post about ad blocking, we'll continue to revisit our approach in the future. The state of ad blocking on both major platforms is in flux, and we're not confident there's a good set of best practices yet.
Meanwhile, if you haven't already, you can download the current versions of Recent News: here's the iOS App Store link and the Play Store link.
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