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Recent News featured by Killer Startups, Netted by the Webbys

We were delighted to see that Netted by the Webbys (created by the Webby Awards folks) published a review of Recent News for iOS and Android today. They liked how our amazingly smart app "learns your tastes, adjusts your recommendations, and suggests other categories you might like."
Killer Startups also reviewed Recent News. They loved how our recommendation engine grows more intelligent the more you use it. Here's an excerpt from their review:
It makes finding and reading the news way better than it ever has been with a newspaper or even websites. Recent News (which is available for both Android and iOS) uses artificial intelligence to deliver the news that you want to read. And how do they do it, you ask? Very, very smartly.
Recent News doesn’t make you click on any little heart or thumbs down symbols to let them know what you’re digging. Instead, all you have to do is read the articles in the app that interest you. That’s it! In the background, Recent News will be paying attention to the articles you’re reading and will start recommending new articles based on what you’ve read before. The more you read, the better the recommendations become!
If you haven't already, you can download the current versions of Recent News—it's free!from the App Store here and from Google Play here.
Posted by Declan McCullagh, co-founder & CEO (@declanm)
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