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Recent News now supports iPads and Android tablets

We're happy to announce that Recent News now includes tablet support! For both iPads and Android tablets, of course.
When we released the first beta version of Recent News last month, our plan was to add tablet support this fall. But our early users wanted to be able to use their Recent accounts across multiple devices -- so they could bookmark articles on their phones and read them at home on their tablets, or browse the same recommended articles on iOS and Android tablets.
And so today's beta -- available to our early users in the Google Play Store and Apple's TestFlight service -- does just that. It supports landscape and portrait orientation on tablets and phones. Tablets will use the card layout by default, though you can override it if you prefer.
Today's beta also includes a battery saver feature, which reduces network activity by disabling preloading. It's turned off by default, but you can enable it through the settings screen. (This was another feature requested by early users.)
Also, for Android users: Recent News now uses the system browser by default when you read articles. We've found that it's faster and more stable than Android's webview component. Of course, if you prefer to use our in-app browser instead, you can choose that option through the settings screen.
Thanks very much to our early users for generously taking the time to help us make Recent News better!
Recent Media co-founder
P.S.: You can sign up for Recent here.
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