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Recent News launches! Now publicly available for iOS and Android

We're happy to announce that Recent News, our iOS and Android app that gives you personalized news in just a few minutes, is now available to download.

Recent News learns your interests, suggests relevant articles, and proposes topics that you may like. It's powered by artificial intelligence that gets smarter the more you use it.

Some of Recent News' features include:

  • One-minute news summary with very quick load time
  • Hot News, Local News, and personalized recommendations tabs
  • Thousands of topics
  • Works on phones and tablets in landscape and portrait orientations
  • Instantly share news on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks

And Android users can find Recent News on the Google Play Store here:

Recent Media Inc. was founded by Declan McCullagh and Dr. Celine Bursztein. The company, located in the San Francisco bay area, was formed in March 2014 and incorporated in April 2015. We released a beta version of Recent in June 2015.

Our early users deserve a special "thank you!" Our alpha testers were kind enough to tell us what didn't work, and our beta testers helped us to polish Recent over the summer and make it more intuitive.

Keep us with us on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook! And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected].

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